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Google Trusted Photographer

360° Perspective

360 started from the ashes of a career in polysilicon. The silver lining to being RIFed from the solar industry is that it falls under the Trade Act, which means retraining is paid for. Degrees in Unmanned Systems and Business Management from Big Bend College just made sense! We quickly fell in love with the industry and the people in it, and recognized the overwhelming, under-served demand from people, organizations, and agencies who understand the potential of the technology.

We started out with a single Yuneec Typhoon H, but have added several other models to our toolbox - a P4 Pro, a BeBop Pro Thermal, a Mambo FPV, a custom hand-built quad drone, and a 3-D printed 6-wheeled amphibious rover.

We have diversified our skill set to better meet the dynamic needs of 360 degrees of clientele. We have been recognized as a Google Trusted Photographer, and offer immersive walking tours that can be published to Google Maps (see examples in the Iron Horse Inn B&B, and Big Bend Community College's campus). Realtors, we can add a degree of realism (360, actually) to your listing you can't get from a standard photo (even as amazing as ours are). Check out what that looks like here, here, and here.

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